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Anchovy production process

proceso anchoa

We proceed to open the salt anchovy tin. Continuously fish is washed and scalded in order to get the best salt point and disposing of scales. After that, fish must be centrifuge in order to eliminate the fish humidity. Fish glue is cut, disposing of spine and everything is ready to size selection and finally its blist pack.

All process done during anchovy handling has been controlled through expertise staff, under quality strict controls. Neither artificial additives and no chemical process interfere in production. Resultant is a superior quality of handy work anchovy filet.


Marinated Anchovy Production Process

proceso boqueron

Marinated Anchovies arrives to our facilities 24h capture sea later. Once in our facilities comes into the white area, where temperature control is done. After that, fresh fish comes into raw materials chamber in order to keep the cold chain. Then we shall now proceed to marinated anchovies freezing at -22ºC during period not less Than 24 hours. Once fish has been defrosted, we shall now proceed to the gutted and bled. Finally fish rest inside salt and vinager solution. After some time in solution, Marinated Anchovies are ready to be packed.

Macanafish Policy, Technical Data and Certification

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