Our Company


Macana Fish, S.L. Company which is dedicated to anchovy and fresh anchovy handy work production. Created in 2010, our guarantee through experience reached in 20 years and long familiar tradition on sea food distribution and handy work production.

Macana Fish line products means quality. Starting from the best raw materials, get through fishing time, when anchovy migrane to the coast and its flesh reach best conditions for human consumption and after handy work process which start with behead and typesize selection for the salt cure.

Wait for cure period ( not less of 10 months ), we carry out an exhaustive anchovy handling, skin and grudge removing, taking out fish-bone. In this way we’re getting highest quality fillet which will be packing with olive oil and its result will be refined quality anchovy and enviable texture.

All process done during anchovy handling has been controlled through expertise staff, under quality strict controls. Neither artificial additives and no chemical process interfere in production. Resultant is a superior quality of handy work anchovy filet.

Nowadays Macana Fish line products are delivered through big food surfaces, restoration, hotel bussines and Gourmet shops.